Buffer Zone

Photo by Jacqui Geux

Since 2002, Ark in the Park has been controlling introduced predators like rats, stoats and possums to protect native ecosystems and allow wildlife to thrive. As an open sanctuary, we don’t have a predator proof fence which means we need the support of local communities to create a Buffer Zone to help protect Ark in the Park. 

Creating a Buffer Zone

The Buffer Zone project is a collaboration between Ark in the Park and members of the surrounding community to extend the safe zone for native wildlife and reduce the number of predators invading the sanctuary. It includes Bethells Valley and Scenic Drive.

Within the Buffer Zone, residents from more than 120 properties are actively doing predator control, rat monitoring, and bird counts. Our coordinator supports them with free advice and equipment such as traps, bait stations (with bait) and tracking tunnels.

The Buffer Zone also includes neighbouring conservation projects, such as Matuku Reserve, Habitat Te Henga, and Matuku Link.

Nature knows no bounds

The native birds, lizards, and invertebrates that live within our mainland sanctuary are not bound by lines on a map. The surrounding community has excitedly watched as native wildlife overflows from Ark in the Park into their backyards. Some have even been lucky enough to have rare kōkako nesting on their property.


Joining the movement for a Predator Free New Zealand

The more people who work together in our community, the better we can all protect our local conservation hotspot. Closely connected neighbours working to connect habitats will lead to healthy ecosystems with thriving wildlife. We can be part of New Zealand’s drive to be Predator Free by 2050!

Frequently asked questions

How do I get involved in the Buffer Zone?

If you’re living within the Buffer Zone area and want to get involved, please get in touch with our Buffer Zone coordinator using the contact form below.

Am I within the Buffer Zone area?

If you live anywhere in Bethells Valley, from along Scenic Drive, Anawhata Road, or towards the Waitākere township, we may be able to provide free advice and equipment to do predator control on your property.

What if I am outside the Buffer Zone but want to get involved?

If you live outside the Buffer Zone area and are keen to get involved, please feel free to get in touch anyway. We may be able to point you towards funding opportunities or help you get discounts on equipment.

Auckland Council also runs Pest Free Auckland 2050, which has many opportunities for support and help with controlling predators on your property.

Does it cost to join the Buffer Zone?

Advice and pest control tools are free for anyone within the Buffer Zone area. This is possible thanks to support from Ark in the Park’s funders.

How do I keep my children, pets and farm animals safe?

We have a range of options for controlling predators to protect native wildlife. Get in touch with our Buffer Zone coordinator using the form below. They will help you find the right pest control plan for your specific circumstances and answer any questions you may have about the safety of pets if they roam outside your property.

Join the Buffer Zone

To be part of the Buffer Zone, please complete the form below or send us an email (arkbufferzone@gmail.com).

How would you like us to contact you?

Ark in the Park is located in the Waitākere Ranges, which are currently closed to minimise the spread of kauri dieback disease.