Recovering Populations: Birds

As the environmental restoration of the Ark in the Park takes effect, key bird species are returning, either actively as the result of translocations from remnant populations elsewhere, or by natural recovery of residual small local populations.

Because of these new or expanding populations, Waitakere visitors and residents may encounter birds not seen before.

To assist in the identification of unfamiliar birds, the pages shown below give some details of the appearance and song of birds that have previously been either absent or inconspicuous.

An excellent online source for bird identification, with photographs and recorded song, is:

Reporting a sighting:

Certain species are of particular interest to the Ark project. If you think you have seen one of the birds in the following list we would be interested in the details (use the form on the RHS of this page): hihi/stitchbird, toutouwai/robin, kaka, korimako/bellbird, miromiro/tomtit.

Key information is: physical characteristics, place seen, date, and any leg bands.

Click on any of the images below to open that page. From there you can navigate through the collection by using the arrows above the image. You can return to this page at any time by clicking on the icon between the arrows.

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