Hihi chicks 2008

The frustrations of the 2007 breeding season, the first in the Waitakeres for more than 100 years, were that all the discovered sites were completely inaccessible in the tops of kauri trees. From a distance fledging was confirmed at two nests, and unbanded birds seen subsequently, but observations were very scanty. In 2008 a bit of good luck, added to the acquired skills and hours of hard work of Andy Warneford and his team, has brought much more reward.

POSTSCRIPT: after these two years when the population flourished, 2009 saw a sudden disappearance of all but a few males. By 2010 all sightings had ceased. Possible explanations include dispersal into non-protected areas, predation of the females in their tree cavity nests, and the fragility of a small population. See the statement by the Project Manager, for more details.

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