Volunteer News 5th September

Hi all,

This email contains:

1. Latest events and forthcoming sessions

2. Kōkako korero - Chapter 2

3. Trap line vacancy

4. Missing gear

5. Newly diluted trigene

6. Ark session calendar

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ARK IN THE PARK Volunteer Co-Ordinator

1. Latest events and forthcoming sessions

Spring is here with its telltale mix of heavy showers and patches of blue sky and sun over the past week. A special bravo to the volunteers who attended the last Saturday session - despite the weather forecast - and came back extremely wet, especially those who had to cross the unusually high Whatitiri stream.

The second stage of our baiting round starts this week with the remaining lines in the F and R blocks, K block, Gleeson, D and W blocks. Line owners with lines in these blocks, now is the right time to bait your lines if you have not already done so.

There will be a volunteer session on Thursday the 7th of September, meeting 8:30am at the ranger station. We will bait in U, R and F blocks.

On Friday, we will have group from Eli Lilly who will do weeding along the stream near Pukematekeo track entrance. If you are keen to help with the weeding you are welcome to join us! Starting time is 9:30am at the Ark.

On Saturday, the 9th of September, there will be another volunteer session, starting at 8:45am (please arrive a bit earlier so that you have time to get your gear organised) at the ranger station. We will do baiting in F and W blocks.

Please let me know if you are coming to any of these sessions. Also please note that if you make a last minute decision or have an unexpected change of plans it's best that you leave a message on our phone 09 810 7014 rather than email me.

Welcome to Holly Armitage, Myrthe Braam, Tanya Browne, Alice Davenport & James Wright, Andrew Fox, Emily Hotham, Nigel Smith, Matthew Tansey and Jemima Youard who joined the Ark in August.

Also thank you to our sausage cooks: Marilyn Burgess, Kay Wight and Rosemary Stagg for taking care of the BBQ after the weekend sessions.

2. Kōkako korero - Chapter 2

This week the census team have been completing the Gleeson block and begun their investigations of the AWN block.

They also did some follow up in the T block and confirmed a founder bird, Zelah (YM/RY).

In the Gleeson block Rata (M/BR) and Te Ariki (YM/YO) were sighted again as a pair. Its great that so far Rata is sticking with her new partner after living the single life for so long!

Last year Aumangea (YM/YG) and Thurley (YM/YR) were identified as a pair but went into hiding for the nesting season. They were sighted with an unbanded bird which may have been a juvenile, so perhaps their secretive nesting behaviour did result in a fledgling last year. These 3 birds were seen in AWN with a fourth bird in pursuit of them! All four birds moved westwards, deeper into the Ark.

Tally to date:

Founders: 7

Unbanded: 6

3. Trap line vacancy

We are looking for a trapper to join the short Aio Wira trap line. It involves checking the eight DOC200s once a month. An initial training session will be provided if needed, before you are taken by one of the team along the line so you can learn where the traps are, in order to work independently from there on.

It is a line at the North-West border of the Ark, which contributes to limiting the rat re-invasion through the Ark's boundaries.

Please contact me if you have any queries or are interested at nature.project@forestandbird.org.nz

4. Missing gear

Three out of our five secateurs have been missing since July. We would appreciate if you could check your back packs and bring back any treasures you may find ... or report any items you know you lost in the field.

5. Newly diluted trigene

I diluted some Trigene last week and refilled the small bottles with this new batch. If you have a bottle that you keep with you, please use it up quickly and refill it with the new trigene. Do not mix old and newly diluted trigene, always empty the container on the ground first before you fill it up with the newly diluted product.

6. Ark session calendar

Thursday 7th September, volunteer session 8:30am, baiting U, R, F blocks

Friday 8th September, group from Eli Lilly for weeding (9:30am)

Saturday 9th September, volunteer session 8:45am, baiting F, W blocks

Thursday 14th September, volunteer session 8:30am, baiting

Saturday 16th September, volunteer session 8:45am, baiting

Thursday 21st September, volunteer session 8:30am, baiting

Saturday 23rd September, volunteer session 8:45am, baiting

Thursday 27th September, volunteer session 8:30am, baiting

Saturday 30th September, volunteer session 8:45am, baiting

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