Volunteer News 5th June

Hi all,

This email contains:

1. Latest activities and forthcoming sessions

2. New SOP, trial of training documents and feedback needed

3. Re opening of the southern trap lines

4. Ark session calendar

Happy reading!


ARK IN THE PARK Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Physical address: Cascades Ranger Station

Falls Road, Waitākere

PO Box 95194, Swanson, Auckland 0653

09 810 7014

1. Latest sessions and forthcoming activities

We are making our way through baiting the Gleeson block and will hopefully finish it this week. We will continue in Gleeson, then move to K block. Southern peripheral traplines are next on the list for re starting (see information below). We will then resume baiting in sequence block by block as usual, including owned lines. More information on the timeline to come.

The picture below was taken last week by Chris Chadwick as his team tried out the new procedures within a kauri zone. See, it's fun!

There will be a volunteer session on Thursday, the 7th of June, starting 8:30am at the ranger station.We will bait the remaining lines in Gleeson. All these lines are long, so don't forget to pack your lunch!

On Saturday, the 9th of June, there will be a session, starting at 8:30am at the ranger station. We will bait in the K block and finish the few remaining W lines. For those of you who have been trained the last two Thursdays on the SOP, now is when we need your help. Please attend on Saturday if you can!

There will be a sausage sizzle when we come back!

Both sessions will start with a brief talk about the new SOP and the information we need to record when baiting (kauri zones and streams).

Let me know if you plan to come to either of these sessions. Also please note that if you make a last minute decision or have an unexpected change of plans it's best that you leave a message on our phone 09 810 7014 rather than email me.

Please note that we cannot have new volunteers at the moment as the training is focused on our existing volunteers so that we can resume all our field activities as soon as possible.

Don't forget the special evening with the CatchIT team on Thursday! The team who is developing the tool will show you how to use it to record your catches and how to make beautiful maps in a few clicks. They will also answer your questions.

The meeting will be held at the Arataki Center, on Thursday the 7th of June, in the lecture room (ground level) from 7pm to 8pm.

2. New SOP, trial of training documents and feedback needed

The debrief meeting with Council staff held last week about the Ark resuming our activities went well. They commended our new Standard Operating Protocol (SOP) around kauri and the training we will provide along with it. After the training completion, each Ark volunteer will be certified as safe to work around kauri.

The training consists of

1. Reading the SOP document (approx 9 pages only)

2. Viewing a short video or two which illustrate points described in the SOP

3. Answering an online quiz of 21 questions (you can re sit as many times as needed and all information is contained in the SOP)

4. Upon correctly answering 19 out of 21 questions you will be sent a Safe Kauri Certificate!

While we are finalising these training documents, we would like you to help us make sure they are working well. As an incentive, people who help will gain early certification.

Please let us know as soon as you can (and by the end of this week, 8th June) if you are willing to be a guinea pig for the quiz.

We are also still working on a card or similar for people to carry with them as ID to show when entering a CAN area if any members of the public or enforcement wardens are encountered.

3. Re opening of the southern trap lines

We would like to re open the southern trap lines of the Ark very soon so that they can provide some protection to the core of the Ark while we are progressively resuming the baiting and other trapping.

These are:

* IW / Cutty grass East

* ASC / Remus Roe

* Rata / Ridge Road / Cutty Grass West

The relevant trappers will be contacted individually with further information. Trappers, like other volunteers, will be able to check the lines only after having successfully answered the safe kauri certification quiz mentioned above.

4. Ark session calendar

Thursday 7th June, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

Thursday 7th June, CatchIT presentation & training, Arataki Center, 7pm

Saturday 9th June, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

Thursday 14th June, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

Saturday 16th June, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

Thursday 21st June, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

Saturday 23rd June, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

Thursday 28th June, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

Saturday 30th June, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

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