Volunteer News 29th August

Hi all,

This email contains:

1. Latest and forthcoming sessions

2. Ark kōkako census now underway

3. In memorandum of Tom White

4. Ark session calendar

Happy reading!


ARK IN THE PARK Volunteer Co-Ordinator

1. Latest and forthcoming sessions

There is a feeling of Spring in the air! We had several beautiful days last week - with no rain - which made the bush more enjoyable.

Last Wednesday, the Ark hosted a group from BNZ, for the 'BNZ closed for Good' initiative. They came and helped with seed collection and baiting. It was a successful day and everyone gathered around the BBQ afterwards for a sausage sizzle! You can see pictures on the Ark's facebook page. Thank you to Michael Coote from BNZ for the coordination with the bank, to all the Ark volunteers who helped look after the group and to our BBQ chef, Marylin Burgess who also works at BNZ.

This week, we will carry on the baiting in the L, U and T blocks. We are getting near the end of the first stage of this baiting round and would like to finish the remaining lines as soon as possible now. As a reminder, here are the 3 stages of the baiting round:

From 12th of August to 2nd of September:

AN block

B block

P block

C lines, Auckland City Walk

U block

L block

T block

R lines from R0 to R6 included

F lines from F0 to F6 included

From 2nd to 23rd of September:

F7 to F17

R7 to R20

K block

Gleeson block

D block

W block

AWN lines from AWN0 to AWN6 included

AWN lines from AWN25 to AWN19&AWS19

From 23rd of September to 14th of October:

AWN 7 to AWN 18 and 18B.

AWS block

IW block

KOK block

CGN and CGS blocks

Most of the remaining lines in the first stage are owned lines, so line owners please I would like to hear from you soon, especially if you cannot do your line.

There will be a volunteer session on Thursday, the 31st of August, meeting 8:30am at the ranger station.There will be another session on Saturday, the 2nd of September, starting at 8:45am at the ranger station.

Please let me know if you are coming to either of these sessions. Also please note that if you make a last minute decision or have an unexpected change of plans it's best that you leave a message on our phone 09 810 7014.

2. Ark kōkako census now underway

Kōkako korero – chapter 1

The clematis/puawananga and kohurangi/ Kirk’s daisy are flowering so its time to start the annual kōkako count!

Placement and analysis of recorders started a few weeks ago and the team of contractors from Auckland Zoo and Ark volunteers have now begun the foot survey. We are off to a great start, see below for details.

Foot survey in K block and a private property on Scenic Drive has been completed and Gleeson block has been started.

Recorders detected kōkako in T block, however no birds were confirmed via foot survey. The birds heard may have been just passing through.

So far 4 founders and 5 unbanded birds have been confirmed.

Rata (band combo M/BR) is the kōkako who has the call of a tui and maybe as a result of this, has been single for a number of years. However she now seems to have paired up with Te Ariki (YM/YO). Rata and Te Ariki are showing territorial behaviour in Gleeson block, they were observed chasing off another founder Ataahua (YM/OG) and an unbanded bird.

Ataahua and Unbanded retreated towards AWN block where we will hopefully find them later.

Some of our buffer zone participants living on Scenic Drive are lucky enough to be woken by the call of kōkako on their property! These birds have now been identified as Francis (YM/GR) and an unbanded bird.

Three more unbanded birds were detected around K and Gleeson blocks.

We will keep you posted as the census progresses!

3. In memorandum of Tom White

Many of you will remember Tom White who was a long time volunteer at the Ark. Sadly Tom passed away suddenly in early June. He was a regular trapper on the Aio Wira trap line team and also a sausage cook for several months in 2014.

We would like to thank Tom for his contribution to the Ark and express our sympathy to his family.

4. Ark session calendar

Thursday 31st August, volunteer session 8:30am, baiting T, L and U blocks

Saturday 2nd September, volunteer session 8:45am, baiting

Thursday 7th September, volunteer session 8:30am, baiting

Friday 8th September, group from Eli Lilly for weeding

Saturday 9th September, volunteer session 8:45am, baiting

Thursday 14th September, volunteer session 8:30am, baiting

Saturday 16th September, volunteer session 8:45am, baiting

Thursday 21st September, volunteer session 8:30am, baiting

Saturday 23rd September, volunteer session 8:45am, baiting

Thursday 27th September, volunteer session 8:30am, baiting

Saturday 30th September, volunteer session 8:45am, baiting

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