Volunteer News 26th June

Hi all,

This email contains:

1. Latest and forthcoming sessions

2. Project manager's patch

3. Have your say on the future of kauri - MPI hui

4. Ark kōkako census

5. Matariki planting

6. Ark session calendar

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ARK IN THE PARK Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Physical address: Cascades Ranger Station

Falls Road, Waitākere

(09) 810 7014

Have you passed your Safe Kauri Certification quiz?

Remember – you are required to do so before doing fieldwork.

The training consists of:

1. Reading the SOP document: https://tinyurl.com/ybdl2pbw

2. Viewing a short video which illustrates points described in the SOP: https://youtu.be/-vRYxqs0x8Q

3. Answering an online quiz of 20 questions (you can re sit as many times as needed and all information is contained in the SOP): https://goo.gl/forms/EjNVx5V45n2aLgBG2

4. Upon correctly answering 18 out of 20 questions you will be sent a Safe Kauri Certificate

1. Latest and forthcoming sessions

We are heading toward the end of the baiting round, with only the Cutty Grass and Nihotupu blocks left to bait during volunteer sessions. Line owners of B, KOK and IW blocks are invited to complete their lines as soon as possible. We still don't know if we will be able to bait the R and F blocks, at the moment.

Please do not forget that any Ark field worker must comply with the latest Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) around kauri and pass the Ark Safe Kauri certification quiz (see box above). Also, we suggest that you display an Ark brochure on your car's dashboard when parked on a public road while you do field work. This is to identify you to any CAN officers who are patrolling. You can find these brochures next to the intentions book in the store room.

There will be a volunteer session on Thursday, 28th June, starting at 8:30am at the ranger station.

On Saturday, the session will start at 9:30am so that people who wish to attend the Matariki Dawn karakia held at the Arataki Visitor Center, can do so. It's an event organised by the Local Board and the local iwi, Te Kawerau ā Maki. Please check details on the web site here. There will be a sausage sizzle after the Saturday volunteer session. For both sessions, we will bait in CG blocks.

Please let me know if you are coming to either of these sessions. Also please note that if you make a last minute decision or have an unexpected change of plans it's best that you leave a message on our phone 09 810 7014.

2. Project manager's patch

Last week I attended a second workshop to discuss options for recovery of the Orange Fronted Parakeet and establishment of more populations of Yellow-Crowned Kākāriki.

The status of both species was discussed and potential plans for their ongoing protection were brainstormed.

Releases at new sites was identified as a desirable option and possible source sites and release sites were discussed in more detail, and in light of new information, since the first workshop.

The Ark is a possible release site for yellow-crowned kākāriki, subject to plenty of consultation and permissions yet to be undertaken!

It is hoped that releases would consist of some wild caught and some captive reared birds.

It would be fantastic to have a parrot species back in the Ranges full time (as kākā don’t currently stay year round or breed here) and to be helping secure the future of kākāriki by providing another safe site for them.

We will keep you posted as work progresses. Their cheerful chatter and bright plumage are a delight to experience!

3. Have your say on the future of kauri - MPI hui

At the end of last year, the Government announced tougher measures to protect kauri from kauri dieback disease. This included giving kauri the highest biosecurity protection available by developing a National Pest Management Plan, which will mean a nationally coordinated, long-term approach to the management of kauri dieback disease.

To ensure that stronger protection for kauri is quickly provided, the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) have set up the Accelerating Protection for Kauri project. The project is seeking ideas from the public to help them develop the National Pest Management Plan and get the best result for kauri.

There are three rounds of consultation in 2018. This first round is to develop the future direction for managing kauri dieback disease. In rounds two and three later this year, people will see and get to comment on the big picture view created from feedback in round one. This will inform how the National Pest Management Plan can best be used to support the work to protect kauri.

In Auckland, two public hui will be held on Wednesday the 4th July :

10am - 3pm: Te Mahurehure Marae, 65-73 Premier Avenue, Point Chevalier

7pm - 9pm: Kelston Community Centre, 126 Awaroa Road, Sunnyvale

4. Ark kōkako census

We are planning the annual kōkako census (just like a human census) and need people to help with the field survey work.

Staff from Auckland Zoo plus a small team of trained Ark volunteers cover the southern Ark on foot over around 7 weeks to record kōkako they see and hear.

If you are interested in helping please consider the following points, and contact us if you have any questions. Training in census methods will be given and survey equipment will be supplied.

Are you:

• Experienced with fieldwork such as baiting or trapping within the Ark


An early bird: able to be at the relevant meeting point (usually a track entrance or car pack in the south of the Ark) before sunrise, usually at 5.30am

Available to stay out in the field until around 10 or 11am

Able to commit to coming out at least 4 times between the beginning of August and end of September

Keen to learn census techniques including use of playback and binocular skills

Enthusiastic about kōkako!

Please reply to this email to register your interest.

5. Matariki planting

This year, Matariki will be hosted by our local iwi, Te Kawerau ā Maki. The Matariki Dawn Karakia, which marks the start of the festival programme, will take place at Arataki Visitor Centre, on Saturday the 30th June at 6am.

Two planting days will be held at Pae O Te Rangi farm, on the 3rd of July and the 11th of July between 10am and 12pm. Meeting place is the stockyards on Te Henga Road. Traditionally Ark volunteers attend the plantings days and enjoy a BBQ and boil up afterwards.

You will find more information about the festival here.

6. Ark session calendar

Thursday 28th June, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting, CG blocks

Saturday 30th June, 6am -9:30am: Matariki dawn karakia at Arataki Visitor Center

Saturday 30th June, 9:30am, volunteer session: baiting, CG blocks

Tuesday 3rd July, planting day at Pae O Te Rangi farm, 10am - 12pm

Thursday 5th July, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

Saturday 7th July, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

Wednesday 11th July, planting day at Pae O Te Rangi farm, 10am - 12pm

Thursday 12th July, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

Saturday 14th July, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

Thursday 19th July, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

Saturday 21st July, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting

14th-16th August: SONZ workshop 2018, Hamilton

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