Volunteer News 17th July

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This email contains:

1. Latest events and forthcoming sessions

2. Health & safety reminder

3. Plastic bags

4. Ark session calendar

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ARK IN THE PARK Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Physical address: Cascades Ranger Station

Falls Road, Waitākere

PO Box 95194, Swanson, Auckland 0653

09 810 7014

Have you passed your Safe Kauri Certification quiz?

Remember – you are required to do so before doing fieldwork.

The training consists of:

1. Reading the SOP document: https://tinyurl.com/yapvqgof

2. Viewing a short video which illustrates points described in the SOP: https://youtu.be/-vRYxqs0x8Q

3. Answering an online quiz of 20 questions (you can re sit as many times as needed and all information is contained in the SOP): https://goo.gl/forms/EjNVx5V45n2aLgBG2

4. Upon correctly answering 18 out of 20 questions you will be sent a Safe Kauri Certificate

1. Latest events and forthcoming sessions

(on left) Simon Croft from Encounter Solutions updating the solar powered hub with his phone, via a bluetooth connection.

Last week, the Thursday team headed to Pig Wallow block (western Ark) to service the sixty A24s (self resetting traps) installed in this block. These traps are fitted with a node which gathers data that is then transmitted to a nearby hub. Data is then sent via satellite to a cloud host for processing and distribution. We were lucky to have Simon Croft from Encounter Solutions (the company who have developed these nodes) join us for the day. After he gave us a brief demonstration on how to service the nodes, everyone then headed out to Pig Wallow and the traps. By the end of the day all the sixty traps were reset and reloaded, ready for action for the next 4 to 6 months! Thank you to everyone who attended the session!

On Saturday, the Waitākere Golf Club held a fundraising tournament for the Ark. It was well attended, despite the winter weather. Annalily van den Broeke gave a presentation to golfers and $600 has been gifted to the Ark. Thank you to Waitākere Golf Club!

This week will be focused on finishing the baiting in GCN and GGS blocks. This current baiting round has been delayed by the several weeks of the unexpected Ark closure, and we want to finish it now as soon as possible. Regular volunteers and line owners, we need your help to make it happen! Please join one of the volunteer sessions or contact me directly and I will keep a line for you to bait during the week.

There will be two volunteer sessions this week, one on Thursday the 19th and one on Saturday the 21st of July. Meeting time is 8:30am at the ranger station for both of them.

Please let me know if you are coming to either of these sessions. Also please note that if you make a last minute decision (after 5pm) or have an unexpected change of plans it's best that you leave a message on our phone 09 810 7014 rather than email me.

Please note that these two sessions are for volunteers who have already attended the induction session. The next induction session will be held on the 11th August (weather permitting).

2. Health & safety reminder

It's winter and days are short, so remember to plan your work in the bush accordingly. Avoid a late start which means a late return and the risk of coming back at night or us calling the Council for a search party!

Also, those of you who carry a cell phone at the Ark, make sure that you have the following phone numbers with you:

* Ark office: 09 810 7014 - Monday to Saturday, 8:30am to 5pm, when we are not out for meetings or national workshops

* Arataki Visitor Center: 09 892 4789 - office hours. If you are facing an emergency, this is the place to call.

* If you cannot get hold of the Ark office or the Arataki Center, contact the Cascade Duty Ranger on 09 369 5826

* If you cannot contact the Cascade Duty Ranger or if he doesn't call you back after 5 minutes, call the Senior Ranger's pager: 026 242 2680

Note that coverage has improved markedly in the past year, so it is worth checking whether your phone will work even in places where it previously would not.

You can also find this information in our Health & Safety document, which is accessible online at:


3. Plastic bags

While the Ark is supporting F&B in their pledge to reduce the use of plastic bags in our daily life, we unfortunately need plastic bags to carry the old bait we remove from bait stations. Fresh bait we collect at the Ark volunteer base can be placed in reusable fabric bags which you can find next to the bait bin.

However, we have run out of plastic bags to use with old bait. If you have some at home, please bring them. Note that plastic bags with holes and plastic bags for fruit & vegetables are not suitable.

4. Ark session calendar

Thursday 19th July, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting CGN & CGS blocks

Thursday 19th July, F&B Waitākere Third Thursday Talk : Brian Shields talks about Mouse Eradication on Antipodes Islands, 7:30pm - 9pm, Kelston Community Center

Saturday 21st July, 8:30am, volunteer session: baiting CGN & CGS blocks

Thursday 26th July, 8:30am, volunteer session

Saturday 28th July, no volunteer session

Thursday 2nd August, 8:30am, volunteer session

Saturday 4th August, no volunteer session

Thursday 9th August, 8:30am, volunteer session

Saturday 11th August, 8:30am, volunteer session - new comers welcome

14th-16th August: SONZ workshop 2018, Hamilton

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