Volunteer News 16th January

A pukeko in a ponga tree!

Photo Gillian Wadams

Hi all,

This email contains:

1. Latest and forthcoming sessions

2. Matuku Link : Open Day on Saturday the 4th of February

3. Trap catch data (December)

4. December issue of KauriKonnect

5. Miscellaneous

6. Ark session calendar

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1. Latest and forthcoming sessions

I don't know if it was the nice summer weather or the new year resolutions - probably a bit of both - but we beat another record last Saturday: 27 people attended the session, amongst them 11 first time volunteers! Welcome and a big thank you to the experienced volunteers who helped me look after our new comers!

Thanks to this big turn out, there are only a few lines left in CG blocks to be baited. This will be done at our two volunteer sessions this week, on Thursday the 19th and Saturday the 21st of January. The Thursday session will start at 8:30am at the ranger station. The Saturday session will start at 8:45am at the ranger station. I'll give an update about what lines still need to be baited over the weekend after the volunteer session on Thursday afternoon.

Please let me know if you are coming to either of these sessions. Also please note that if you make a last minute decision or have an unexpected change of plans it's best that you leave a message on our phone 09 810 7014.

The end of this baiting round will be the 28th January and the last volunteer session of the round on Thursday the 26th of January.

Please note, that there won't be any volunteer sessions on Saturday the 28th of January (Auckland anniversary weekend) nor on the 4th of February (Waitangi weekend), we will be waiting the required two weeks before we begin rat monitoring in early February. Additionally we have begun wasp monitoring in the lead up to this year's wasp control.

2. Matuku Link : Open Day on Saturday the 4th of February

Are you wondering how to celebrate World Wetland Day on the 4th of February? We've got a suggestion: go to Matuku Link open day!

When: from 10am to 4pm

Where: 111 Bethells Road

More information can be found on the leaflet here.

3. Trap catch data (December)

Thank you to the trappers for sending us your catch reports and to Maurice Colgan for making these graphs.

It's pleasing to see that rat catches are trending downwards within the Ark, possibly a result of the current baiting round taking effect.

This trend is less obvious at the periphery of the Ark, where baiting knockdown is compromised by re invasion.


We are in the midst of the peak stoat season with 15 stoats caught in December and a high number also likely to be caught in January.

4. December issue of KauriKonnect

The latest edition of KauriKonnect - the Kauri Dieback Management Programme’s newsletter – is out. Click here to read it online.

It encloses an update on the Programme’s research work and some of the great things the community is doing to help stop kauri dieback.

5. Miscellaneous

Our Tui car is in need of a panel beater! The front passenger door needs a bit of welding of new metal for the rusted bits - or even better - a replacement door from a wrecker.

If any of you has the skills or can help, please let us know!

6. Ark session calendar

Thursday 19th January, volunteer session, 8:30am: baiting in CG blocks

Saturday 21st January, volunteer session, 8:45am: baiting in CG blocks

Thursday 26th January, volunteer session, 8:30am - last volunteer session of this summer baiting round

Saturday 28th January: no volunteer session, Auckland anniversary weekend

Thursday 2nd February, volunteer session, 8:30am

Saturday 4th February: no volunteer session, Waitangi weekend

Saturday 4th February: Matuku Link Open Day

Thursday 9th February, volunteer session, 8:30am - rat monitoring (weather permitting)

Saturday 11th February, volunteer session, 8:45am - rat monitoring (weather permitting)

Thursday 16th February, volunteer session, 8:30am

Saturday 18th February, volunteer session, 8:45am

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