Volunteer Bulletin 3rd March

Hi all,

This email contains:

1. Thursday session and scone party!
2. Upcoming change of the gate code on Falls Road
3. Vacancies: Saturday sausage cook, rabbit chopper, bait baggers, egg hunters
4.Ark session calendar

March newsletter coming next week!

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ARK IN THE PARK Volunteer Co-Ordinator
Physical address: Cascades Ranger Station
Falls Road, Waitākere
PO Box 95194, Swanson, Auckland 0653
09 810 7014

Thursday session and scone party!

This week, there will be only a volunteer session onThursday, the 5th of March. The Ark office will be closed on Saturday.
It will be the last baiting session for the moment as we have entered the wasp season now.

On Thursday, the session will be followed with ascone partyfor Gillian's departure.We estimate scones will be ready around 12pm, but it depends on how long people take to bait their lines. We will provide the scones, but please bring also a little something to share if you plan to come.

Next induction session for first time volunteers will be held on the following Saturday, the 14th March.More information to come next week.

Let me know if you are coming to the Thursday session this week.Also please note that if you make a last minute decision (after 5pm) or have an unexpected change of plans it's best that you leave a message on our phone 09 810 7014 rather than email me.

2. Upcoming change of the gate code on Falls Road

The Council has decided to change the code for the gate on Falls Road on the6th April. We will communicate further with you on this.

As a reminder, this code is given to youpersonallyandshould notbe shared with anybody else.

3. Vacancies: Saturday sausage cook, rabbit chopper, bait baggers, eggs hunters

Sausage cookThere is avacancy for the Saturdays of the 5th weekend of the month. Cooking sausages for the Ark volunteers is a social activity and the opportunity to meet other volunteers. Food and BBQ are provided, you only need to bring your cooking skills!

Rabbit chopper:

We are looking foranother personto join the team of the rabbit choppers. The rabbit meat used in our traps is delivered in big chunks which have to be chopped into smaller pieces for the trappers to use. This is an activity which needs to be done usually once a week.

In summer, it is suggested to do it early in the morning before wasps become active as they love rabbit meat! If you are allergic to wasps, this is maybe not an activity for you - or certainly not in summer.Bait baggers:

We are going through a lot of bait at the moment. We already have a little crew of bait baggers, but if you are looking for an activity away from the bush, this could be one for you! People usually come for 2 hours (can be less or can be more). Personal protective gear is provided.

Egg hunters:

We are looking for a new (or a couple of new) egg provider for our traps. Each month, we go through a lot of eggs with an average of approximately 350 in summer and a bit less in winter.

You may know a hatchery who would like to help a conservation project, or the supermarkets around you may have eggs past the expiry date which are still perfectly good for us.

Please contactnature.project@forestandbird.org.nzif you would like to help with any of the above or have any questions.

4. Ark session calendar

  • Wednesday 4th March: Auckland Pest Liaison Group meeting, Auckland zoo, 10am-12:30pm
  • Thursday 5th March, 8:30am, volunteer session followed by a scone party at 12pm for Gillian's departure
  • Saturday 7th March,no volunteer session
  • Thursday 12th March, 8:30am, volunteer session - seed collection
  • Saturday 14th March, 8:30am, volunteer session andinduction session for first time volunteers
  • Thursday 19th March, 8:30am, volunteer session
  • Saturday 21st March, 8:30am, volunteer session
  • Thursday 26th March, 8:30am, volunteer session
  • Saturday 28th Match, 8:30am, volunteer session
  • Monday 6th April: change of gate code on Falls Roa
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