Volunteer bulletins

This is a collection of recent copies of the email messages sent out by our Volunteer Coordinator before each weekend volunteer session.

The first part of the most recent bulletin is shown below. The full text of this, and other recent bulletins, can be accessed by the index on the right.

New Ark Baiting Round

Hello everyone,

As you may have read in a previous bulletin, we are starting our new baiting round.

Our first baiting round of 2018, the autumn round, was badly affected by both storm damage and kauri dieback. It was a slow and patchy baiting round which we completed near the end of the winter rather than the beginning of winter as usual. Because of this, the spring and summer rounds will be merged into a single round.

We have updated our kauri dieback disease management procedures to reflect the review and revision process we have been working through in recent weeks with Council. Some work with the Council is still in progress. These changes are mainly simplifications of the existing version, so if you are used to the 'old' SOP, it will be easy for you to adapt. The video and the online quiz were also modified, but people who have passed the original version won't have to take the new quiz again and your certificate will remain valid. Please take the time to read and understand the updated SOP.

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