Bird Sightings

One way the impact of the Ark’s predator control can be seen is in the increasing number of birds seen, as reintroduced species become established and existing species benefit from reduced predation and increased food supplies.

The Ark welcomes information on sightings. Either email, using the form shown on the right of this page, or for more sustained observations download a copy of the Bird List (Page 1 shown below, as a link to the whole document) and forward your accumulated sightings to us after a period of time.

To download the Bird List click on the image below. Depending on your browser this may either download the file or open it in the browser. If your browser is set so that clicking just causes the file to open in the browser, downloading can be achieved by instead right-clicking the image below and choosing one of the options for saving the file to your computer.

Email your sightings when completed post toPO Box 108 055, Symonds Street, Auckland 1150. Or just pop in to the Ranger Station at the Cascades, and deliver them to Gillian or Laurence.

Ark in the Park - Bird List April_2015

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