Health and Safety

Health and Safety Plan

Click here to read the Ark’s H&S plan, which gives comprehensive coverage of measures to ensure volunteer safety.

When you first come to one of our volunteer sessions you will be asked to fill out a form, to ensure we have your contact details and are informed about any relevant health problems.

Anyone of average fitness, and no significant health problems should be able to safely undertake most of our field activities.

There are also non-physical activities that are just as important, just a few for example are data entry, bait bagging, catering and sewing bird bags.

If you do plan to do field work and have limitations on your fitness, the health and safety issues for you to consider are:

1. Whether your heart/lung fitness is adequate to safely undertake the level of exertion associated with the activity. If you are not at the level of good athletic fitness then make sure the session coordinator knows - there is a wide range of less intense activities and we can usually find something for everyone.

2. Your balance and agility. Probably the biggest health risk for our volunteers is being injured by a fall, as the ground we cover is usually uneven and can be slippery. Again, choice of a suitable activity is the key, so if you have any doubts, discuss this with the session coordinator.

3. Wasp or bee allergy. We stay out of the bush in the peak wasp season. If you have an allergy we will suggest you stay out for a more extended time.we will provide information about the timing of the peak wasp season each year

But, even if you do have limitations on your fitness, but still want to be involved in Ark in the Park, come and talk it over with us. We can find something for just about anyone to do safely.

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