Appendix to 2006-08 Annual Report: list of research and observation projects

Research and observation projects carried out involvingthe Ark in the Park project1 July 2006 - 30 June 2008

Investigations and observations, either carried out at the Cascade Kauri Park or of interest to the Ark in the Park project:

ο John Staniland - Stitchbird Habitat Assessment

ο Shane Baylis - A Test of the mesopredator release hypothesis using artificial nests (Auckland University) - final report written Feb 08. Research also carried out at Tawharanui Regional Park.

ο Steven Miller, Auckland University Statistics Dept - we supplied over 20 rat tail samples of both ship and Norway rats to assist with their genetic research in 2007/08.

ο Mollusc survey in sites of late 1990s survey - Gary Barker (Landcare Research). FRST funded. Summer 07/08

ο Helms survey by Dr Robert Hoare, Lepidopterist, Landcare Research. Late summer 07/08.

ο Lynette Benson AUT student - volunteer survey in late 2007.

ο Liz Fraser - (Auckland University) summer BayerBoost funded student 06/07. Higher call rates of morepork, Ninox novaeseelandiae, at sites inside an area with ongoing brodifacoum poisoning compared with matched non-managed sites along with author Mark E. Hauber. Published in theNew Zealand Journal of Zoology.

ο Kathryn Stewart (Auckland University) - Sept 2006 The pros and cons of translocating captive-bred North Island kaka (nestor meridionalis septentrionalis) to Ark in the Park - A review of literature.

ο Kate Richardson - Masters thesis 2007/08. The project paid Kate a $6500 scholarship to study the hihi translocation to the Ark in the Park. Kate's thesis "Survival, dispersal and body condition of an endangered forest bird, the hihi or stitchbird, translocated to a mainland site in the Waitakere Ranges, Auckland" will be submitted in December 2008.

ο Eric Wilson's hihi monitoring camera system - Eric is an Ark volunteer who began working on recording bird calls in areas of the Ark as a monitoring tool. He then developed an automated digital camera system with an infra-red trigger which photographs hihi that use the supplementary sugar water feeders. This helps us monitor the birds as their colour bands are usually visible. Eric received $500 from the Waitakere branch and the rest of the funding from the Ark project to develop this system.

ο School student Lucy Rogers studying robin territories in April/May 08.

ο Dactylanthus survey carried out by ARC (Rebecca Stanley, Natural Heritage) - concentrated on an area in Huia (in April 2008), but may be carried out in the Cascade Kauri area in the future with support from project volunteers.

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