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Volunteer Coordinator

Laurence Bechet is the Ark's full time volunteer coordinator covering weekend and midweek sessions.

Laurence has been involved in various aspects of Ark life since she joined as a volunteer in 2008. As well as travellingalong many kilometres of bait lines and stoat traplines, she also has expertise in telemetry, monitoring and GIS map creation.

Phone:(09) 810 7014

Project Manager

In February 2013, Gillian Wadams began as the Ark Project Manager. Gillian has a background in planning, biosecurity and project management. She has previously volunteered on a variety of conservation initiatives.

Gillian has a Bachelor of Science in Ecology from Otago University.


Phone: (09) 810 7014

Mail: Ark in the Park Project Manager, PO Box 108 055, Symonds Street, Auckland 1150.

Volunteer Representatives

As part of the Ark's structure there are three volunteers who hold positions as volunteer representatives. These three people are available to answer any questions or queries you may have. You are also most welcome to contact Gillian or Laurence, but if you would prefer to talk to a fellow volunteer you have that option too. Part of the role of being a volunteer representative is to participate in the management committee meetings (held approximately every two months). Following are photos and short introductory paragraphs from your representatives.

Feel free to send them an email, and if you see any of them around the Ark don't be shy as they would be very glad to chat with you.

Chris Chadwick


It is great to be part of such a worthwhile and significant conservation effort, with a combination of physical, recreational, educational and social dimensions. I love getting out into our fantastic bush and experiencing, and sometimes photographing, our wonderful variety of nature. As a Volunteer rep, I enjoy meeting and learning from others – both the old hands and the new. Two especially rewarding involvements have been contributing to the review of our Strategic Plan and developing and refining our baiting regime in response to the big fruiting year and rat explosion we had in 2014/15. I usually get out to the Ark during the week, and occasionally on Saturdays.

Karen Colgan


The Ark is my wider garden where I meet and greet the local flora and fauna some of them very special; and only to be found with some effort.

This with the help of many other volunteers sharing their own sense of exploration and wonder at this very special place we have helped to protect and restore.

Oliver Glampe


In the beginning, I was coming to the Ark as a driver for my daughter Elaisa. I soon got bored with sitting around and waiting, meaning I started joining in with baiting on Saturdays. I have always been keen on nature and wildlife, and making use of my hobby photography, so it was not hard to convince me to perform this task. When the position of a volunteer representative arose two years ago, I stepped up and gave my interests another use. I can be found on Saturdays, either baiting or checking the stoat and possum line I share with three other volunteers.

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