About Ark in the Park

Hihi (stitchbird)

Photograph: Eric Wilson


Today the Waitakere Ranges are renowned as public parkland. The magnificent regeneration of the past 100 years gives an impressive forest canopy and understorey. But they are only a shadow of their former glory. Over the past 100 years the native plant and animal loss in the Ranges has been great, especially for species that need large areas of native forest to survive. Gone are kiwi, falcon, long-tailed cuckoo, bellbird, kakariki and short-tailed bat. Many reptiles and invertebrates have also been lost.

Many Aucklanders have toiled for the protection of the Ranges. The Auckland Council’s possum control has allowed the forest vegetation to recover, but the lost wildlife cannot return until we control rats, stoats and wild cats.

The Waitakere Branch of Forest and Bird has a partnership with the Auckland Council to create the Ark in the Park open sanctuary in the Cascades Kauri Park, Waitakere Ranges - to restore the natural glory of this important forest area.

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